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Being able to be yourself in any scene.
Free from the stress due to the switching of the scene,
Being able to concentrate on the present while feeling mental satisfaction.
And the first step to enrich life.


To spend every day like myself

It is said that people who can live like themselves tend to feel happy compared to those who are not.

However, there are many moments where people can live in a variety of scenes such as work, private, and special events, and cannot maintain their self -expression (= personality) for each scene.

By fading these borders, people can spend more comfortable and rich days?
We think like this and provide items and styles that do not limit the scene to support people spend their lives more themselves.

When we started the brand design activities, we focused on the aesthetics unique to Japanese culture, "Wabi -saba." It is said that this word refers to the consciousness and sensation of finding the satisfaction of the heart in the lack of a shortage or imperfection.

Even if everything doesn't go as expected, we will take a lifestyle that incorporates Japanese essence with the desire to take the one and only one and to live a life while feeling personality.


Design that is easy to layer and develops materials and items that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

He emphasizes mental satisfaction rather than material richness, pursuing a pattern that does not get tired of wearing it every day. It is an indispensable tool for living people.

Stress -free patterns and size designs, focus on materials that are easy to handle during washing, comfort and functions that you want to take not only to your daily life but also to travel scenes.