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Bonsai Print L/S Shirt (W)

Sale price¥18,150

It is a long -sleeved shirt of the total pattern print set up series that embodies the brand concept of OYOBI with a scene -less lifestyle wear.

Assuming wearing in a variety of scenes of life, it is characterized by moderate room design that can be comfortably spent, and a natural stretch that snuggles up to the movement of the wearer's body.

It is hard to wrinkle and uses a compact and easy -to -fold material.

In addition, since the material has moderate firmness, it can be used not only at home or traveling at home, but also when going out on holidays without a sense of pajamas.

It is an item that can be used in a wide range of situations.

This item uses Oyobi original print patterns that express the traditional Japanese art, "Bonsai," in pop line art art.

Although it is a print pattern with a pop impression, it has been realized by using black to reduce flashy, and the total pattern that adults can wear is realized.

You can enjoy wearing it with the same pattern with the bottoms.

Setup item(pants)OY24SW0090

Size Chart
Size(cm) Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length Yoke Length
M 60 105 53 47 73
L 63 111 55 49 76


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    Bonsai Print L/S Shirt (W)
    Bonsai Print L/S Shirt (W) Sale price¥18,150