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Dougi Jacket Type1

Sale price¥26,180

It is an OYOBI signature line jacket inspired by the kimono.

It is the first place that focuses on the silhouette that fits into the body that can complete the style just by putting it on, and the details such as waist belts and stitches inspired by the kimono.

While losing the front button in pursuit of being simple, the convenient side pocket when life satisfies design ditails and functionality.

This item, which is a wonderful fusion of Japanese traditional beauty and modernity, is an excellent one that can be worn in three seasons from spring to autumn by using high -quality georgetics.

With the accented waist belt and unisex size development, it creates a style that matches the wearer regardless of gender, making it a long -lasting item.

It is recommended for travel and business trips because it can be folded compactly and hard to wrinkle, as well as casual to little formal everyday scenes.

This jacket, which aims for a sense of security that the wearer wants to use every day in various scenes, boosts your "personality".

You can enjoy wearing pants and shorts with the same material.

Setup item (pants): OY24SM0170

Setup item(shorts)OY24SW0070

Size Chart


Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length  Yoke Length
SS-S 65 114 46 53 76
S-M 67 120 48 55 79
M-L 74 129 54 55 82
L-LL 77 135 56 57 85
Dougi Jacket Type1
Dougi Jacket Type1 Sale price¥26,180