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Flower Print Pants (M)

Sale price¥13,750

It is a pants of the total pattern print set up series that embodies the brand concept of OYOBI with a scene -less lifestyle wear.

Assuming wearing in a variety of scenes of life, it is characterized by moderate room design that can be comfortably spent, and a natural stretch that snuggles up to the movement of the wearer's body.

The material has moderate firmness that is hard to wrinkle, and is made of compact and easy to fold, making it ideal for relaxing time at home and traveling.

In addition, it is an item that does not give a sense of pajamas because of the pintack, and is active in a wide range of scenes, such as when going out on holidays.

This item is an OYOBI original print pattern that is a flower that is a representative flower of Japan along with the cherry blossoms, with a refreshing mint and yellow that you want to incorporate in the spring and summer.

Although it incorporates a distinctive color, the base color is gray, so it is a coloring that can be incorporated without being noticeable.

You can enjoy wearing a short -sleeved shirt with the same pattern.

Setup item(Short -sleeved shirt)OY24SM0370

Size Chart
Size(cm) Waist Hip Thigh Rise Inseam Hem Width
M 76 111 71 30 71 46
L 82 117 74 32 73 49


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    Flower Print Pants (M)
    Flower Print Pants (M) Sale price¥13,750