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Hanabi Print Boxer (M)

Sale price¥7,480

This is a box -ranking of the total pattern print set up series that embodies the brand concept of OYOBI with scenesless lifestyle wear.

In addition to wearing trunks and room clothes, it is designed to be incorporated in a short silhouette by using a slightly wide silhouette.

It is an excellent item with a natural stretch that snuggles up to the movement of the wearer's body and a sense of openness unique to trunks.

It is the right one that can be used as a loungewear at a relaxing time at home, a holiday morning on a convenience store or a loungewear.

This item is the theme of "fireworks", a Japanese summer tradition and art, and a large fireworks that shine in the navy color of the base that resemble the night sky.

It was expressed with Oyobi original print pattern.

You can enjoy wearing a short -sleeved shirt with the same pattern.

Setup item(Short -sleeved shirt)OY24SM0360

Size Chart
Size(cm) Waist
Hip Thigh Rise Inseam Hem Width
M 72 108 70 31 10 61
L 78 113 73 33 12 64

Hanabi Print Boxer (M)
Hanabi Print Boxer (M) Sale price¥7,480