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MONPE S/S Pullover

Sale price¥14,850

It is a pullover blouse that is modernly interpreted Oyobi's independently interpreted the work clothes "Monpo" in the shape of a hakama in kimono.

It is an easy -to -use item that allows you to adjust the silhouette and length by squeezing the draw code on the hem.

Using a lightweight material, it is a relaxed and silhouette, but it is a good one that makes it feel good depending on the calm shade.

In addition, it is compact and hard to wrinkle when folded, so it is ideal for wearing or taking it when traveling.

By combining with the 2 -way pants of the same material, it can be worn in a jumpsuit -like style.

You can enjoy wearing it with the same material pants.

Setup item(pants)OY24SW0500

Size Chart
Size(cm) Length Bust Yoke Length
M 49 120 41
L 52 126 44
MONPE S/S Pullover
MONPE S/S Pullover Sale price¥14,850