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Samue Pants

Sale price¥14,300

The shirring pants that incorporate a bright brown color that is easy to wear in summer, with a design base.

Incorporating the concept of the work clothes, which is the starting point of work clothes, we pursued a silhouette design that focuses on ease of wear, movement and movement.

The use of a slightly stronger and thin georgett fabric has reduced the ground contact with the skin and can be worn cool.

While you can wear it with a light feeling like pajamas and room clothes, you can put your pocket on the side and left and right of the back.

It is an item that can be used as a little outing or a loungewear for a short outfit.

This product also proposes a setup style that wears the same material with a bicolor.

Setup item(Short -sleeved shirt)OY24SM0350

Size Chart
Size(cm) Waist Hip Thigh Rise Inseam Hem Width
M 76 111 71 30 71 46
L 82 117 74 32 73 49


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    Samue Pants
    Samue Pants Sale price¥14,300